How To Use The Trigger Point Rocker

How it Works

The Trigger Point Rocker is super easy to use.

You control the amount of pressure placed on your trigger points by adjusting your body’s position.

1 Slowly lower your body onto the Trigger Point Rocker

2Place deep pressure on certain knobs to target specific areas

3Rock side to side for extra release of muscle tightness

4Sit Smart

Keep your posture in check with the TPR.

If you sit for long periods of time, postural support is key. By using the TPR as a back rest, your back has extra support, which can help reduce the tension that build ups with prolonged sitting.

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Will the TPR fit me?

The TPR was designed with the understanding that each individual has variations in their body size and type. By changing the positioning of the body while using the TPR, it allows the user to target specific areas to get the maximum benefits. Although you don't have to be a specific height to use the TPR, it is most effective for users between the height range of 5'0" and 6'6". The TPR is also designed to be durable with a max weight capacity of 300 lbs.

How do I properly position the TPR when using it?

We recommend sitting at the base of the product and laying down slowly by walking your hands back. The two top knobs of the TPR are supposed to fit in the suboccipital region of the skull.

How do I get off of the TPR?

We recommend rolling off of the side via a "log roll technique." The log roll technique maintains the alignment of the spine while turning. Imaging a rolling log. In this case, you are the log.

How long should I use the TPR for each time?

We recommend using the Trigger Point Rocker up to 15 minutes at a time. We have found the best time to benefit ratio is 10 minutes.

Does it hurt to use the TPR?

It can be painful when trying to address trigger points and those stubborn knots that we all struggle with. But after the first few minutes of using the TPR, the pain turns into a feeling of "release" as reported by our testers.