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5 Reasons Why This Ingenious Seat Cushion Will Be Your Back's Best Friend

Introducing the Lifted Lumbar: the ultra-comfy, fully-adjustable seat cushion that naturally fixes your posture anywhere you sit.

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Fix Your Posture Naturally.

Did you know that we spend nearly 30% of our lives sitting? That’s 30% of your entire life you’re likely spending hunched over, slouching, or in a generally unfavorable position. And that bad posture can wreak havoc on your spine, potentially leading to serious health issues in the future. The Lifted Lumbar is designed to support the natural curve of your spine, retraining your body into a healthy posture- long after you’ve left your seat.


Bye Bye To Back Pain.

A funny thing happens when you sit with proper posture- all those nagging aches and pains in your lower back disappear! The added lumbar support relieves pressure in your spine, your upper and lower back, shoulders, and even your neck. As a bonus, the double-padded memory foam seat cradles your lower half just right… so you can finally sit not just pain-free, but in downright luxurious comfort.


It Adjusts To You, Not The Other Way Around.

If you’ve ever spent an extended amount of time sitting (and we’ve already established that you have), then you’ve probably spent a good chunk of that time fidgeting, adjusting in your seat, trying to find that perfect position to finally get comfortable. Not with the Lifted Lumbar. A simple pull on the side straps adjusts the lumbar support to perfectly contour your body and keeps it there. So you can stay locked in on the task at hand instead of squirming in your chair.


Relief On The Go.

Ergonomic chairs are great, but they can cost a small fortune. And their benefits are pretty much limited to the small confines of wherever those squeaky wheels will take them. With the Lifted Lumbar, you can get superior support at a fraction of the price. And thanks to a lightweight, no-slip design, you can take that support wherever there’s a place to sit. Your office chair, the couch, your car, the floor, your next plane trip- the sky is literally the limit.


Designed By A Doctor.

If you’re going to trust anyone to have your back when it comes to serious issues like back pain and spinal alignment, a certified doctor seems like a good choice. That would be Dr. Aaron Fu, doctor of physical therapy, co-founder of Trigger Point Systems, and designer of the Lifted Lumbar. He poured years of real-life medical experience into this cushion- because doctors need to be comfy too.

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Experience the Comfort of the Lifted Lumbar

Designed for all-day support, anywhere you need it.

Transform any chair instantly, feel the effects immediately.

Cool mesh material allows for air flow during long sitting hours.

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3 Steps to Great Posture

Step 1

Place the Lifted Lumbar on the seat or flat surface of your choice.

Step 2

Once seated, lean forward and pull the straps toward your knees, then sit up straight and further adjust straps to your liking.

Step 3

Enjoy the comfort of a naturally aligned spine, pressure-relieving support, and the coziest seat in the house (and beyond).

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